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Rock Band 2 Uden Guitar

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The Rock Band 2 soundtrack will feature over 100 songs with over 80 songs on disc plus an additional 20 bonus tracks which will be made available for free download this fall. This builds upon the unparalleled depth and diversity of Rock Band?s original set list and its ever-expanding library of downloadable tracks. Comprised entirely of master recordings from some of rock?s most prolific and untouchable artists, including AC/DC, Guns N? Roses, Bob Dylan, Metallica, Pearl Jam and more, Rock Band 2 will deliver the most impressive and largest music catalogue of any music-based videogame ever.After 14 years since Guns N? Roses last official music release, Axl Rose selects Rock Band 2 to debut official new track ?Shackler's Revenge? from the highly-anticipated album Chinese Democracy. Rock Band 2 is the first and only video game to feature the music of AC/DC. It includes their epic rock anthem, ''Let There Be Rock.? For the first time ever, music from American music icon, Bob Dylan, is featured in a video game with ?Tangled Up In Blue.? Rock Band 2 will feature backwards compatibility with all Rock Band downloadable music content released to date. Owners of the original Rock Band will have the ability to export most of the Rock Band disc tracks and upgrade them into Rock Band 2 gameplay-the first time ever in videogame history! With ongoing weekly DLC releases including individual tracks, track packs and full albums, the Rock Band music library will feature more than 500 songs by year?s end! Tracklist:1. AC/DC ?Let There Be Rock? 1970s 2. AFI ?Girl?s Gone Grey? 2000?s 3. Alanis Morissette ?You Oughta Know? 1990?s 4. Alice in Chains ?Man in the Box? 1990?s 5. Allman Brothers ?Ramblin? Man? 1970?s 6. Avenged Sevenfold ?Almost Easy? 2000?s 7. Bad Company ?Shooting Star? 1970?s 8. Beastie Boys ?So Whatcha Want? 1990?s 9. Beck ?E-Pro? 2000?s 10. Bikini Kill ?Rebel Girl? 1990?s 11. Billy Idol ?White Wedding Pt. I? 1980?s ...

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