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Molecule 03 100 ml EDT fra Escentric Molecules

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Escentric Molecules Molecule 03 is made on one single scent ingredient or aroma-chemical, vetiveryle acetate. A refined vetiver note which is celebrated at its purest in this fragrance.Molecule 03 opens with a heady, sparkling brightness that develops into a rooty earthiness. As it melts into your skin, it contrasts with the slightly sweet and very green heart that is a hallmark of this perennial grass native to India. Escentric MoleculesThe concept of Escentric Molecules was created by Berlin-based nose Geza Schoen in 2006. Escentric 01 was the first fragrance in the series, and it was torn away from the shops in the UK. Harvey Nichols in London had at launch over 600 people signed up onwaiting lists.Escentric Molecules consists of a series of innovative scents that literally are unique. Each fragrance is composed of a single molecular substance,- Very simple and never seen before.The molecule ''Iso E Super'', evolves along with your own natural scent when it comes in contact with your skin. In that way, Geza Schoen , in collaboration with experts from This Company in London, developed a distinctive fragrance that smells differently depending on who is carrying it.Escentric Molecules suitable for both men and women who want an individual fragrance , and is arguably the market's hottest and most unique and exclusive fragrance.

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