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DOMINATE THE 18TH CENTURY ON LAND AND SEAEmpire is the fifth instalment of The Creative Assembly's acclaimed Total War, a series that has sold over five and a half million units worldwide. This epic title, the most comprehensive strategy game ever created, debuts the biggest single requested feature addition to this acclaimed franchise - full Naval combat.In every way, Empire: Total War is a revolution. The ultimate mix of turn based strategy and real time battles; this will be the biggest Total War game yet. The largest campaign map, the most incredible visuals and detail achieved in a strategy title, Total War will be improved and expanded like never before.Features:The debut of Naval Combat.The standout feature and the greatest embodiment of Empire. The single most requested feature from our Total War fans and perhaps the last great untapped area within RTS gaming.An all-new setting...The 18th century was a time of empire-building and revolutions. The birth of the United States of America, the expansion of territories across the world, unrest and reformation that fundamentally changed the world and created the first true global superpowers. ...requiring all-new strategies.Gunpowder has triggered an arms race. Massive ships bristling with cannon fight against each other in huge fleets while massed ranks of musket men and field guns face off over the battlefields of Europe, America and India. Episodic Campaign Mode.Alongside the classic, open 'Grand Campaign' game mode now sits a new 'Road to Independence' mode, a more traditional linear RTS experience designed to appeal to RTS gamers and introduce them gradually to the incredible size of the Total War experience.Unparalleled multiplayer.The most significant multiplayer feature set yet included in a Total War game. A remarkable selection of verses modes with improved match-making and further, groundbreaking announcements to come...

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