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Beauty 30 ml EDP fra Elizabeth Arden

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Elizabeth Arden beauty Eau de Parfum is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral is a women's perfume known for its perfectly mixed floral bouquet scent. The floral notes are subtle and fresh, creating an understated elegance that will be clear to everyone you meet.This ultrafeminine fragrance adds a touch of delicacy and sweetness to your everyday activities.Beauty can be used by women at all ages, but the biggest group of buyers are women from 35 years.Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum is composed of 10-20% aromatic compounds. This means that 10-20% of the perfume is made of perfume oils, while 80-90% is alcohol. The typical Eau de Parfum is 15% perfume. Eau de Parfum has a stronger and longer lasting scent than Eau de Toilette. it is more concentrated and has strong heart notes that linger after the top notes have faded away.Apply the Eau de Parfum to pulse point so that the fragrance has an opportunity to blossom upwards around you.Elizabeth Arden Starting in 1910, an age when it was rare for women to wear make-up much less run their own businesses, Elizabeth Arden opened her first spa on Fifth Avenue and began to buildone of the the world's first global beauty brands.mor13

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